• Elizabeth is a real teacher, healer and yogi who profoundly understands the therapeutic and transformative effects of yoga. She has a true passion to share her gifts and help others heal.

    Cynthia Nixon, Actor

  • I love working with Elizabeth. Our sessions leave me feeling relaxed and energized. My flexibility, range of motion and even my oxygen levels have increased since I began working with her. I recommend her highly to anyone who wants more vitality and more calm while becoming physically fit and I’m 95!

    The late Celeste Holm, Academy Award Winning Actor

  • Elizabeth has not only brought the ancient techniques of yoga up to date and applied them to our ever-expanding life experience, she has integrated them with the path of personal growth.

    Barbara Brennan, Author “Hands of Light” Founder/Director, The Barbara Brennan School of Healing

  • Elizabeth is a remarkable person, always interested in expanding her awareness of yoga, and integrating this, so as to teach people the same basic message in the ways they can receive it. She is a brilliant innovator, an accomplished professional and someone who is revolutionizing the world of yoga day by day.

    Dr. Srinivassan Pillay, CEO Neurocoaching Center, Columnist Huffington Post

  • I am understanding my habitual stuff and, instead of reacting, making conscious choices in my life. Very practical and the deeper teachings complements the physical yoga.

    Justyna Tunecwyz, Financial Risk Assessment Officer 

  • I now know how to generate more energy, physiologically for me, and to expand out into the world. I feel more peaceful, supported and protected…. I feel through this newer awareness, I am living more authentically.

    Liz La Mura, Acting Teacher, yoga teacher, mother

  • I am more aware of my energy and the energy of others. I understand how I react based on past conditioning of body, energy and beliefs. I am beginning to let go of preconditioned thoughts and patterns that are no longer helpful.

    Tim Driscoll, Author, Pilates Expert 

  • I now have the tools to be both grounded and hold a higher vision for myself and I can begin that journey. I learned that meditation and some other more “out there” knowledge is attainable, practical and pertains to all levels of my experience.

    Daniella Schacter, make-up artist

  • Elizabeth’s clear guidance of postures, breathing and meditation is infinitely useful, a very welcome practice and basic picture of how to live in an expanded, yet conscious way.

    Ginny Koenig, Visual Artist

  • Elizabeth’s vitality and energy are an inspiration. I have learned to breathe properly and practice positions on my own. When I finish a session I feel that I stand straighter and I am peaceful.

    Irene M. Feuerstein, Art Historian, age 77